Government Visibility Matters...

Federal Contracting Officers sign contracts every day to purchase the products and services you sell.
They buy from small businesses. They buy from large businesses. They buy from businesses they know.

See how you rank... in their search engines.

Get your visibility score

The FedBiz Access Visibility Assessment Score is a simple way for you to understand how visible (and attractive) your company is to the federal buyers searching for small businesses like yours every day. The higher your score, the better your odds of receiving the phone calls and emails that lead to small business no-bid and set-aside contracts.

Detailed Critical Factors

There are certain aspects of your federal small business marketing profile that are key to your ability to stand out and be found. In order to make the type of first impression that can lead to federal contracting opportunities, you must be certain all the critical factors of your profile are complete and compelling.

Other important factors

While the Critical Factors determine whether or not your profile stand out and gets found by federal buyers, think of these other important factors as "tie-breakers". In the event a federal buyer is deciding between your company and another, these additional criteria may determine whether or not you are their choice.

As a small business, your visibility in the federal marketplace can mean the difference between winning and losing a contract. In fact, it could determine whether or not you're even invited to compete in the first place.